Introduction to Day by Design

Welcome to Day by Design, a health and wellness experience by Aaron Sansoni. Thank you for making me a part of your day as you live a life by design not by default.

Your mental clarity and wellness are just as important as your physical wellness.  I created this integrated program to guide you through techniques to be in peak mental state during your day.

This is not just a “do once” program; I designed this to become a part of your daily routine so that you can transform yourself and your mindset for the best results, every day.

Day by Design is a combination of closed-eye,  mindfulness processes and mini-Training programs that can work separately or together to deliver even better results.

I will be with you move by move, step by step guiding you through six audio programs for each part of your day.

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I have sectioned this program up into six parts to truly design your day:

My Best Day: Waking up and starting your day focused on the end of day goal and backtracking through to set actions to achieve it

Practise of Gratitude: What are you grateful for? How to effectively and use gratitude as a tool for success

Daily Affirmations & Purpose: Creating affirmations to use as a tool for success

Fire Up: Get yourself into peak state to tackle any of the problems you are facing, get pumped up and ready to perform

Release The Tension: Feeling the stress and tension of the day? Use this to release stress and shift your mind away from the anxiety and back towards focus

Sleep Meditation: Relax your mind to get a restful night sleep, let the day fade to a memory and enjoy a calm night’s rest.

As a bonus I have also added my exclusive “Power Session” where I walk you through a step by step process that will embed your affirmations and gratitude deep into your subconscious. This is a powerful process done as if I am in the room with you.

To live a life by design, owning your day is critical. I am so excited to come on this journey with you in your ears wherever you are. I will be with you every step of the way guiding you and helping you to have a day by design.

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Aaron Sansoni, the man who built an Empire. Featured in over 20 publications around the world, Aaron runs a successful venture capital company with interests in media, tech, events, retail, and real estate projects around the globe. Aaron is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has spoken at some of the most exclusive venues around the world and shared the stage with business icons including billionaire Sir Richard Branson, Hollywood A-Lister Arnold Schwarzenegger & world leading speakers like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss and Dr. Eric Thomas.

Only: $297