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Discover Aaron Sansoni’s Amazing LBDX System to Create a Complete and Fulfilled Life in Every Area

What is LBDX™

LBDX™ is the Life By Design Experience. A community to help you lead a Life by Design, not by default.

Aaron will give you step by step directions to creating your ultimate life in every area. Not just your business, but also your personal life, health, wellness and family, to name a few.

LBDX™ will guide you through Aaron Sansoni’s Eight Life Pillars for Success with a specific focus on each area. This training was previously reserved exclusively for Private Mentoring Students (at a rate of $100,000 + per year).

Now you can access it for Free for 14 days.

How the LBDX™ Community Will Help You

Hi. I’m Aaron Sansoni and welcome to the Life By Design Experience Community.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve been privileged to have travelled the world and helped over 300,000 people personally, live in-person and online, Live a Life by Design, and Not By Default.

But… it did not start that way.

When I started this journey, I became known for teaching people about sales and making money in their businesses.

I was very successful and helped numerous entrepreneurs rapidly grow their companies.

My office was inundated with the results my students were achieving, however, with all this prosperity, something was missing.

Once I stood back and observed an overall picture of what was happening, it was clear to see.

Many people were growing their sales but were neglecting to grow anything else in their life. Except, for their bank account.

These are common problems many entrepreneurs face.

Neglecting to look after your Health and Vitality

leaving you feeling Out of Energy Daily

Loss of Connection with Friends and Family

or at a bare Minimal because you are always at work

Lack of Intimate Love in Your Life,

even growing apart from your partner

No focus on Long-Term Wealth

just Cash In and Cash Out

No Joy, Brightness and Fun in your Entire Day

because you don’t have time

“Why Do So Many People Who Are Finally Tasting Success, Have These Problems?”

My students globally, in every industry, in every circumstance just weren’t happy with greatness in one area of their life – money – while being average in the others.

Then It Hit Me…

“Why Can’t You Have It All?”

There are plenty of people in this world that have great businesses or careers, amazing connections around them, happiness, health and energy, long-term wealth, a loving partner – so why couldn’t my students as well?

It set me on a path of COMMITMENT to myself that I was going to find a formula, a strategy, a system, a structure, a process – something to Help You Create and Maintain a Life By Design and not by default.

To CREATE your life, and not just fall into what life hands you and be ok with that.

Then MAINTAIN it, not just live for moments of greatness but experience a Life By Design, in every single area, every single day.

Why? Because I believe everyone deserves to have the Life of Your Dreams.

So, after many years of searching, listening, testing, trialling, and mastering,

I CRACKED THE CODE on how to do it and what to focus on.

The result?

Thousands of Students Living Their BEST Lives

I took all the best parts and turned it into what made sense. Something simple that anyone can do, and it works.

Now I want to share this system with you, so you too can experience a Life By Design.

Here’s What’s Included in Your LBDX™ Community So You Can Create and Maintain a


Right now…

Program Features:

Access to the LBDX™ Online Training Centre (value $4997.00)

At the core of this powerful community, is the discoveries, distinctions and secrets Aaron has personally uncovered to creating and maintaining a Life by Design and not by default.

With over 300,000 students trained, 100 million reached globally, and more real-time results than most, this is where experience matters. You will be exposed, to what Aaron calls the ‘Eight Life Pillars’. These are the key drivers behind experiencing the life and business you want. Each month you’ll have specific areas where Aaron will personally deep dive into training with you, step by step, move by move. Beginning with training instantly on ALL Eight Pillars, then moving into two new focus pillars each month where you’ll be personally coached by him forever.

An Exclusive LBDX™ Community Facebook Group (value $2495.00)

Imagine waking up to a group every day that you could access of others trying to create and maintain their life by design.

Others striving to experience all that life has to offer, motivated and positive. It is no longer an idea but a reality inside the LBDX™ Exclusive Facebook member community.

A supportive environment who believe in your success is one of the main factors for it to come to fruition. Nowhere else will you find a group like ours.

Monthly Live Q&A with Aaron Sansoni (value $4997.00)

Every month you’ll be exposed to a real, raw, unscripted Question and Answer session with Aaron inside your private LBDX™ Community.

You’ll be able to ask questions on life, business and anything in between and get real-time answers from one of the globes most sought after mentors. You’ll get real-world insights every month into challenges and opportunities globally and how Aaron is personally navigating them. This rare Q&A opportunity is a great addition to the LBDX™ membership.

Unlimited Complimentary Access to Live 1-Day Summit Events (value $397.00)

Love the thrill, energy, excitement, empowerment, experience and education of a LIVE event?

Then this is a perfect addition to an already jam-packed LBDX™ membership – Unlimited LIVE event access to one-day Summits throughout the year where Aaron is keynoting. These events also include celebrities and thought leaders to help you on your successful journey.

Live events happen several times during the year to keep you focused. Past events such as the Entrepreneurs Summit, Elevate Event, and Business Summit, included speakers like Janine Allis (Founder of the Boost Juice Empire and Shark Tank mentor), Marc Randolph (Co-founder of Netflix), Turia Pitt (Inspirational speaker, author and humanitarian), Naomi Simpson (Founder of Red Balloon and Shark Tank mentor) and so many more.

Discovery Call with One of Our Performance Coaches (value $995.00)

Speak directly to a highly trained Performance Coach about your current situation, goals, and roadblocks. Our Performance Coaches who are actively involved in the Facebook community and will post regularly with useful content, tips and bonuses exclusively for the LBDX™ Community

Total Value $13,881.00

Receive Full Access for Free!

To show you the value of the LBDX™ community, I’m offering a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL for you to go in and be a part of the community with full access to all of the training and Facebook group.

This is an opportunity not to be missed. Complete access to the LBDX™ community free for 14 days. You could be training within minutes at no risk at all.

Come and hang out with other like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and career people and start living a life by design.

Then Continue Your Journey to Living

a Life By Design for Only



•  NO lock in contracts

•  Cancel ANYTIME

•  & NOTHING to Pay For 14 Days

The Eight Pillars of LBDX™

Pillar 1: Mindset

How you can we rewire your brain for success in business and life. Mindset is critical to have a life by design, not by default. Mindset is how you see things, your beliefs and values and how you gain peak personal performance even in the hardest of times. From the moment you join, you will access some of the most sophisticated mindset technology ever created which Aaron calls LifeDNA®. It is sitting in your online training centre waiting for you.

Pillar 2: Community & Family

Who are the people you surround yourself with daily? Are you getting the most out of every relationship? Are you showing up as your best self for them? Community and family are all about the inner circle of people that are around you. Discover how to balance being an entrepreneur and family through what Aaron calls the work/life blend. Discover deeper and more fulfilling connections than at any time in your life.

Pillar 3: Wealth

What is money? (Rich vs Wealth). It isn’t about your bank balance or what you earn, it’s deeper. This is about generational wealth. We are going to deep dive into the psychology of money and the structures around money. Often the outlook we have on money isn’t our own it’s ‘installed’ early on. We are going to look at how to get wealth, build wealth, and keep it in order to live a life by design. From the moment you join you’ll get high-end advice and strategies by one of Aaron’s personal money advisors, and that’s just the first training!

Pillar 4: Business & Career

Learn how to master the process of growing your business/career. We spend more time in our business or at our job than we do at home, so we must enjoy the process. Aaron will unlock all the parts you need to grow your business and career starting with your personal brand and building step by step through all areas, that make this pillar successful. He will draw on 15 years of personal experience and success as well as all he’s learned teaching hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Pillar 5: Giving

What’s life without a plan to pay it forward and to give back? Aaron, through the creation of his charity, the Aaron Sansoni Foundation is walking the walk and leading the way. Through the Foundation, he’s helped feed 250,000 disadvantaged to date, brighten the lives of 857 seriously hospitalised children and has plans to build villages in disadvantaged communities. It is all about learning how to give, whether that is leaving a legacy or simply just paying it forward. We will look at things you can do to feel like you are serving to a higher level.

Pillar 6: Love

Having the kind of love, you want is not just for the newly coupled, it’s in reach for anyone. It is all about having the closest, strong type of connection with those who mean the most to you. Having intimate relationships and understanding how people communicate and get this crazy little thing called love. From the moment you join, Aaron will share with you what he’s discovered about having the deepest and most fulfilling love in your life in a simple to understand and highly effective process he’s recently uncovered.

Pillar 7: Health & Vitality

Get the level of energy you want and deserve. The Physical, Emotional and Spiritual you want, for the life, you create. Aaron calls Life Fitness. Without health and vitality, you won’t be able to be the best version of you. Wellness is a key to total success in this pillar, Aaron will show you how he personally builds each part of his Life Fitness to enable him to perform at peak every day in life and business.

Pillar 8: Fun

It has to be had! Fun is the thing that people seem to miss out on the most. We feel that we can’t have fun and joy until you reach a certain point in your life or business. It is all about making time to have fun, joy and fulfilment to really live a life by design. Aaron will show you a way to bring the fun and the energy into your world.

Why have I done this?

No one else has created a starting point for ANYONE to reach out and regain control, leverage success, and experience the life you want.

Why is this a ‘forever’ program?

I believe learning is the new super-power and, I want to help you CREATE and MAINTAIN a life by design. To build a real experience that you never have to leave, and an investment that’s far too small to even second guess, but something that is readily available for anyone, anywhere.

Together lets bringing fun and joy to your life & business.

LBDX™ is for You If…

You’re a Frustrated Business Owner, Entrepreneur or Career Professional Who…

  • Struggles to win in all areas of life at once,
  • Doesn’t know how to create the designed life,
  • Can’t seem to make it all work,
  • Doesn’t want to risk missing out on their dream life,
  • ​Doesn’t want to look back at their life with regret,
  • ​Doesn’t want to waste time and energy on the wrong pursuit.

Pay attention to this opportunity.

I want you to give it a try for free and risk nothing, just like I wished someone had offered me – because it would have saved me YEARS and MILLIONS if they had.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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Who is Aaron Sansoni?

Global Mentor, InvestorPhilanthropist and Best-Selling Author. Recent Nominee For Australian Of The Year & Entrepreneur Of The Year.

Aaron Sansoni is the man who built an Empire. Featured in over 20 publications around the world, Aaron runs a successful venture capital company with interests in media, tech, events, retail, and real estate projects around the globe. Aaron is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has spoken at some of the most exclusive venues around the world and shared the stage with business icons including billionaire Sir Richard Branson, Hollywood A-Lister Arnold Schwarzenegger & world-leading speakers like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss and Dr Eric Thomas.


  • You will use our platform to immerse yourself in custom created video content, worksheets and resources. Each month you will get two additional pillars in focus added to the community and exclusively created for LBDX™.

  • Yes, as you get access to new content, the older content will stay up forever for you to revisit and rewatch at your leisure.

  • LBDX™ will be focusing on Aaron’s Eight Life Pillars:

    • Love
    • Business & Career
    • Fun
    • Giving
    • Wealth
    • Community & Family
    • Mindset